Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Progression of a painting 24 x 20 inch oil

Umber layer in acrylic

Gray scale layer in oil

after 2 thin oil layers
I thought I would post some pics of how I approach a new painting.  The first pic shows an underpainting of burnt sienna done in acrylic.  After I do a drawing directly on the canvas I paint this acrylic layer rather quickly, just indicating the general darks and lights.  I like using acrylic because it dries very quickly and allows me to go on to the next layer which I put on in oil.  This is the grey scale layer and is again like map to follow, indicating the different value changes.  The third pic shows the painting after 2 fairly thin  layers done in oil.   I use liquin as my medium because it allows the painting to dry quickly so that I can paint on it the next day.  I am starting to refine the painting at this point showing a bit more detail.  I will probably put another 2 or 3 layers on top of this until I have the painting as I like it.